Complex Surgery.
Life-Changing Solutions

Traumatic and non-traumatic injuries can have a devastating effect on someone’s livelihood. I aim to put an end to the search for solutions.

Trauma & Non-Trauma Conditions

I help rehabilitate function and purpose to traumatic injuries.
Your search for a solution starts and ends here.

Hand and Wrist Fractures

It takes just a moment for an accident and broken bones to completely derail your life.

Optimal care focuses equally on anatomic reduction, preservation of soft tissues, strong fixation and early active motion. These are essential components for a quick and full recovery so that life can continue unaffected.

Fracture in wrist/arm

Complex Limb Reconstruction Surgery

High energy injuries of a patient’s limb cause extensive damage to multiple tissue structures e.g. bone, muscle, tendon, nerve, blood vessels, and skin.

Treatment of these injuries requires a holistic approach to the patient, their needs, and possible options. The goal is always to obtain the best possible functional outcome for the patient. Similar to other complex injuries, this is an area of focus, passion, and expertise for us.

Complex Limb Reconstruction Surgery

Hand Deformities

As a parent, you want only the best for your child and to give them every possible chance you can for success.

When your child is born with a congenital difference of the hand you naturally fear that your child will have a disadvantage in life. Our focus is on reconstruction for your child that makes sense, is safe and maximizes function to put them in the best position possible to succeed.

Congenital Differences in the hand

Brachial Plexus

These can be devastating injuries of the spinal nerves as they travel down to the arm. These injuries occur both in adults and in babies. Treatment of these injuries requires a multidisciplinary team that is skilled, experienced, and passionate about providing these patients with the best care. This is a focus of ours.

Brachial Plexus | Spinal Nerve Injury

Peripheral Nerve

Injuries of the nerves in the arms and the leg may seem small but can cause debilitating pain and/or dysfunction. These are challenging injuries that require a surgical team that is as experienced, knowledgeable and thoughtful about the injury as the best in the world.

Peripheral Nerve Injury

Hand and Finger Amputation

Partial or complete loss of limbs are as emotionally challenging as they are physically challenging. At the NYU Center for Amputation Reconstruction, our multidisciplinary team of prosthetists, surgeons, physicians, and therapists have you as their only focus.

Successful Amputation

Replantation Surgery

For patients that have undergone replantation surgery, the replanted finger, hand, or arm often has significant dysfunction. Most of these patients struggle to find experienced surgeons to help them afterwards to obtain the best possible function and appearance of the replanted part.

Replantation Surgery

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